The Ecotherapy Guide: Build Mindful Habits That Provide A Natural High

Get our short educational guide to 10 mindful ecotherapy practices for rewilding your health and cultivating ecological awareness.

Learn how to reverse the negative effects of sitting all day for work and spend more time mindfully walking outside to let go of stress and recharge your attention.

Discover why most people today are hooked on artificial highs like mindless scrolling and how to replace these bad habits with mindful habits that provide a long-lasting natural high.

✅  1. Human Rewilding: Reverse The Negative Efects of Sitting All Day

✅  2. Short-Lived Artificial Highs Vs Long-Lasting Natural Highs

✅  3. Rewild Your Health With 10 Ecotherapy Practices

✅  4. The Incredible Health Benefits of Mindful Walking



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