The Art of Living In Awe And Wonder

Reverse the negative effects of sitting all day, boost your attention span and enjoy more consistent energy all day long by tapping into the effortless awareness of awe and wonder through mindful walking.

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Step Into A World Of Awe And Wonder With 7 Mindful Walking Meditation Practices

Are you someone who struggles to sit still and consistently meditation each day?

Don't worry, you're not alone. In fact, most people struggle to sit and meditate daily with consistency.

The problem with this is unless you build the habit of daily meditation then you lose out on over 90% of the health benefits.

Fortunately, there's a easier and more enjoyable way to meditate in nature by getting outside mindful walking where you can tap into the effortless aliveness of awe and wonder.

Given how much time we already sit on our computers and scrolling on our phones, you are already probably sitting way too much!

I've found that most people with busy and restless minds are better suited for mindful walking as a form of embodied meditation.

Mindful walking is a fun and playful way to help reverse the many negative effects on our physical and mental health from all that sitting. 

It can break up periods of sitting and give you better focus, mood and energy that lasts all day long.

Because our bodies were designed to move and something as simple as walking is the best way to release stress from our body and relax our minds.

How The Art Of Living In Awe And Wonder Program Works

Diversity and variety is what makes life so magical so we feel that doing the exact same meditation practice every day can feel rigid and confining.

That's why this online course blends 7 different mindful walking meditation practices together that cover the most common self-transcendent states we can consistently access.

This course comes with an initial 1-hour training on each of these self-transcendent states along with guided mindful walking meditations for each of peak experiences so you can learn experientially.

Where's what is included in the course:

✅ How to plan out your own peak experiences monthly, seasonally and yearly using the Peak Experience Canvas.

âś… Reverse the negative effects of sitting all day and by taking short mindful walks improve your focus, energy and mood by understanding the ebb-and-flow of your Ultradian Rhythm.

âś… Understand the science of natural rhythms and how to balance your circadian rhythm so you increase your deep sleep and wake up feeling rested each morning.

✅ Track the improvements in your nervous system balance using HRV (heart rate variability) so you can improve your stress and energy management based on data.

✅ Create Collective Awe experiences using the 10 principles of Group Flow and the 3 principles the Ancient Greeks used to create transformational group experiences.

The 7 Learning Modules In The Art Of Living In Awe And Wonder Course

Flow happens when you’re completely immersed in a meaningful and challenging activity.

✅ Identify the key activities and flow triggers that are most likely to get you into an immersive state of flow

✅ Get 15 experiential flow-driven learning practices that gamify outdoor learning so you can educate yourself about the flora, fauna and fungi in your local ecosystem.

âś… Get an audio mindful walking meditation for deep embodiment and the flow of embodied awareness.

Mindfulness happens when you tune into your senses rather than your thoughts.

âś… Learn the 3 different kinds of mindfulness practices: focused attention, open monitoring and effortless mindfulness and how they train your attention in different ways.

âś… Get sitspot meditation invitations and forest bathing invitations based on the Shinrin-Yoku research done in Japan where nature is prescribed for common physical and mental problems.

✅ Get an audio mindful walking meditation for mindful walking and shifting out of thinking into the felt presence of awe.

Gratitude happens when you recognize and appreciate all the ways your life is a gift.

✅ Learn how to use gratitude and reverence as an antidote to the cynicism and self-judgement that is epidemic today.

âś… Get 10 ways to practice gratitude using the Gratitude Wheel, a great self-care exercise for increasing joy, gratitude and reverence in your life.

✅ Get an audio mindful walking meditation for walking in gratitude and reverence for all the living things that you give you life and vitality.

Love happens spontaneously through joyfulness, loving kindness and opening your heart.

âś… Learn how to use loving kindness and compassion to fall in love with the world around you and all the ways it gives you life.

âś… Get a series of practices of accessing what's known as the Helper's High through loving kindness practices for giving back to natural world, your family and your community.

✅ Get an audio mindful walking meditation for loving kindness and experiencing mindfulness as heartfulness and kindfulness rather than being self-focused.

Awe is the feeling of encountering vast mysteries that transcend our understanding of the world.

✅ Learn a scientifically proven Microdosing Awe practice for switching off the stress response and switching on the relaxation response effortlessly through awe.

âś… Apply the 8 wonders of everyday life to experience regular doses of awe and wonders that reduce the hypnotic pull of self-referential thinking in your life.

✅ Get an audio mindful walking meditation for experience deep states of awe when you are walking outside.

Wonder is sparks curiosity and helps us see the world with new eyes and different perspectives.

âś… Learn how to restore your sense of childlike wonder by practicing a Zen Practice called the Beginner's Mind.

✅ Discover the 5 elements of wonder and how to integrate it into your daily life through curiosity, imagination, playfulness, creativity and love of nature.

âś… Get an audio mindful walking meditation for experiencing childlike awe and wonder through seeing the world with new eyes.

Nonduality refers to a primordial, natural awareness without subject or object.

✅  Learn how the prevailing ideology of scientific materialism disenchants the world and how to rechant the world by seeing everything as alive, sentient and interconnected.

✅ Tap into the intuitive magic of nondual awareness by experiencing what meditation teacher Krishnamurti meant when he said, "The ability to observe without evaluating is the highest form of intelligence."

âś… Get an audio mindful walking meditation for shifting from thought to feeling to awareness and tuning into the spatial field of vastness and mysteriousness at the heart of sensory experience.

Kyle Pearce

About The Instructor

Kyle Pearce is a certified interpretive hiking guide, learning experience designer and mindfulness-based ecotherapy practitioner based in the Canadian Rockies.

He has a B.A. in History from the University of Victoria with a specialization in animism, ancient civilizations and the history of the modern world.

He started Mindful Ecotourism in 2016 leading forest meditation workshops in Stanley Park near his home in Vancouver.

Today, he leads mindful hiking adventures in Western Canada in summer and in Central and South America in the winter.

What People Are Saying About The Art Of Living In Awe And Wonder Course

Here are some recent testimonials from course participants.

Erica From Calgary

The microdosing awe technique has helped me stop ruminating with my thoughts and just relax into my experience of life as I walk.

Scott From Airdrie

I love listening to the mindful walking meditations while hiking to get out of my thoughts and feel more immersed in my sensory experience.

Mahtab From Vancouver

Kyle is a gifted teacher! I enjoy the gentle rhythm of his voice and how he guides the meditations so I can focus my mind on the natural wonders all around me.

Brittney From London

This online course was a great introduction into a vast new world of connections that have made me better understand the natural world where I live.


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Reverse the negative effects of sitting all day, boost your attention span and enjoy more consistent energy all day long by tapping into the effortless awareness of awe and wonder through mindful walking.

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